Sankat Mochan Ganesha

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A design that has been synonomous with all our clients and been providing the best of luck to many office around the world for the last 25 years. Our best selling and signature Ganesha Sankat Mochan mural is recommended by all healers, vaastu & feng shui consultants to be put at the entrance of ones home. The reason: Designed by Prahlad in the 80's, each Ganesha feature has a meaning. 1) The big ears to hear our problems 2) The big tusk to drive away all negativity and bad vibes thrown towards your home. 3) The blessing hand always giving those visiting your home blessings and good luck. 4) The trunk reaching the ladoo signifies that what you earn with your sweat hard work will not be taken away from you. and finally 6) the Ganesha sitting on the sankat mochan will always stir your away from your worries and provide meaningful solutions to all your problems. Size: Height-8.5 x Length-7.5 x Depth-2 In Inches