Elephant mother and child Bastar Metal art

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A unique creation by national award winning sculptor Sushil Sakhuja shows the strong bond between a mother and child through this elephant sculpture. The look and features are native to the tribal bastar art from Chattisgarh. The process Step 1: a clay core is created roughly the shape of the final cast. Step 2: the clay core is then covered with pure bee?s wax and nut oil. Step 3: the wax is then carved revealing the design of the final art statue Step 4: another coat of clay is given before the molten bell metal is poured inside this cast Step 5: The metal hardens and takes shape as the wax and the outer layer of clay is peeled off, this leaves some black antique texture on top of the gold bell metal. Step 6: The bell metal statue is then wrapped with jaggery and baked 30 feet below the ground to attain an antique gold finish Size: Height-10 x Length-10 x Depth-8 In Inches